Raising a bilingual child

Parenthood alone is not easy and with the added bonus of multiple languages makes it even more difficult. Do we keep to one language with the kids? Should we raise them with dual languages? If so, which one first? When should we introduce them to languages.

If you are like me, these questions flew across my mind like the New York Nasdaq’s tinker lines… constantly. Our family speaks four different languages and it certainly makes it hard when deciding what to do with our kids.

Here is what we opted to do:

  1. focused on one primary language until they were 1-year old

  2. put them in school that suits their development rather than language development only

  3. expose them to multiple languages with extended families

  4. made specific effort to learn the second language with our day-to-day activities

While this works for our family, it may not work for everyone. We lucked out and had the opportunity to move across the globe to learn more Mandarin Chinese than we’ve ever imagined. Stay tuned!

Eva Yeh