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Our play lab is open from Tuesday- Friday: 9:30AM-2:00PM, Saturday and Sunday: 9:00AM-4:00PM. This page consist of HECA Play Lab admissions information and annual membership information. Both Admissions and Membership included in-and-out privilege for the period of purchase. Adults are not allowed without a child's admission.





For the safety and health of your children, we ask that you kindly follow these rules so we may keep HECA play lab a fun and safe environment for all patrons. We reserve the right to deny service for anyone who may not abide by these general rules.      

  • Sharing is caring with the exception of stomach flu and other illnesses
  • Play Lab is designed for children under 48 inches
  • Waiver must be signed prior to entry
  • Socks required in the play area
  • Remove outdoor shoes
  • Food only in designated areas
  • Kindly clean up so the next child may play as well
  • Indoor voice please
  • Out of respect for privacy of others, limit photos of other children
  • Children must be supervised by a parent/adult at all times
  • This is a nut-free facility so please do not bring any snacks that may contain tree nuts
  • No climbing up on the slide
  • Slide down feet first
  • One child at a time down the slide to avoid potential injuries
  • Three Strike Rule is in effect
  • Wait for your turn on each equipment
  • No running